Old Runnymedians

The last few years have been very special for Runnymede College, with the inauguration of the Founder’s building dedicated to Arthur F. Powell and the sad departure of Julia Powell we have had a chance to re-evaluate their legacy. We are reminded that for them Runnymede College was never its facilities or logos or colours, but its people: its staff and its students. What they have left behind is 56 years (and counting) of pupils who are tied together by their memories of Runnymede.

We are redoubling our efforts in organising and maintaining the Old Runnymedian network. Our main aim is to strengthen the community and create a network where both current and old Runnymedians can meet to share experiences, ideas, internships, job opportunities or simply organise social events for a chance to catch up and reminisce!

Frank Murphy

Francis John Murphy
B.Sc.(Hons.), H.Dip.Ed.
4th October 1946 – 19th August 2023

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden death of Frank Murphy.

Frank joined Runnymede in 1972 as a teacher of Physics. He was also Deputy Head of the school from 1977 until his retirement in 2019.

A memorial service was held at the school on Saturday, 9th September.

Watch the video.


  1. OR Website: We have relaunched this website, where you will not only be updated on important news and events but more importantly you will have access to the Old Runnymedian database, with the contact details of all your peers. Due to new data protection laws, we've had to remove our existing database and start a new one. You will be able to opt into the database on the website. The login details will be sent via email to ORs, or you can fill in the form to register.
  2. Old Runnymedian Evening: We have restarted this annual event after the COVID-19 hiatus.
  3. Social Media: Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on school news as well as opportunities to catch up with old classmates!
  4. Linkedin: A reminder that you can now add Runnymede College as an educational institution where you studied on your individual profile. You may already have listed Runnymede College by typing it in manually, but a quick edit will make it official and you will appear as one of our alumni.
    Once you do this, we will be able to view your profile to see where you studied after leaving Runnymede, where you are currently living and your career history. This data is of interest to us as a School mainly because current students would benefit from having role-models to gain advice and inspiration from. It will also make it a lot easier to get in contact with your old classmates!
    We have set up a closed Old Runnymedian group which we hope will be a window into privileged opportunities that can be offered within the community. We want a Runnymede education to be a guarantee of quality for employers.
  5. Work Experience: We would be very grateful if you could act as a mentor, offering orientation, careers advice or even work experience placements to our VI Form pupils (aged 16-18 years) which would be published on our our website. We are attempting to go beyond that and offer internships to our young Old Runnymedians who are always looking for new opportunities. We are on track to organise our first ever Careers fair, which you will be hearing more about in the coming months.
  6. #OldRunnymedian: To boost this community spirit and build a fruitful network we are starting the #OldRunnymedian campaign, in which we would like to publish your successes on our social media. Send us your stories via social media or email : we hope to inspire our students and help you reconnect with old friends by highlighting your triumphs.


  • The Old Runnymedians’ London Evening 2023 was held on Saturday 13th May. Check the photos.
  • The Old Runnymedians’ Survey results have been published.
  • The Old Runnymedians’ Evening 2022 was held on Friday 9th September. Pictures are up in the School News section.